Services E.D.A.P.I. Inc. was created by Denis Séguin in 2004.

The company develop customized technological products.  It offers the creation, maintenance and repair of technological tools.

Denis Séguin, president, has been competing for more than twenty years, mainly in robotics.  He has acquired different expertises and a way of thinking out of the box .

Over the years, Mr. Séguin has gasthered feedback from his various customers and his wife Maryse Giroux, which has prompted him to develop and manufacture motorized and computer-assisted looms.  The result was the creation of Séguin looms.

Game of genius

Quiz equipement.

For weavers : Loom motorized, computer-assisted
(Dobby loom)

You are a weaver, here is a loom that with help you to accomplish your achievements.


For insect breeders.  Here is some equipment to reduce sorting time.


Our expertise is diverse and combines technological elements in order to simplify certain tasks, ranging from quiz equipment, weaving equipment and even equipment for insect breeders.

For weavers : Accessories and workshop

If you're a weaver, meet Maryse. She offers workshop that may be of interest to you..

For weavers : Waper Motor

To help you set up your looms with a sectional warp beam.

For weavers : software to design drawdown (weaving pattern), Fiberworks.

Compatible with Séguin looms.