Genius game

Robust and reliable equipment for quizzes with answer button and good handling.

Console de jeux de génie 8 joueurs

Questionnaire game equipment for two teams (8 players).

console 8 joueurs pour jeux de génie
Jeux de paleogenies à 3 équipes

Questionnaire game equipment for three teams (12 players).

Jeux de génie

Good grip offered by these controllers.

The kits are in a box for easy transportation to your Paleo tournaments.

Numéro de produitDescriptionPrix*
JG-KIT8Kit for 8 players (console, 8 controllers and 6-foot cable)$ 495,00
JG-KIT8_10FTKit for 8 players (console, 8 controllers and 6-foot cable)$ 535,00
JG-KIT12Kit for 12 players (console, 12 controllers and 6-foot cable)$ 675,00
JG-KIT12_10FTKit for 12 players (console, 12 controllers and 10-foot cable)$ 735,00
JG-8MANETTEConsole Genius game for 8 players (without controller)$ 350,00
JG-12MANETTEConsole Genius game for 12 players (without controller)$ 435,00
JG-MANETTEController (cable not included)$ 29,00
JG-6FT_MANTTEController with 6-foot cable$ 35,00
JG-10FT_MANETTEController with 10-foot cable$ 40,00
JG-6FT_CABLE6-foot cable$ 6,95
JG-10FT_CABLE10-foot cable$ 11,95

* Plus taxes and subject to change without notice.