Tray grid

You are an insect breeder and are looking for equipment to reduce your sorting time. We think of you and offer you bins with a grid.

All materials used are food grade.

Bac avec grille

Mainly used during the sorting stages for mealworms (frass, larvae, substrates).

BaC avec grille dessous

No insects can crawl outside because the grid is thermoformed in the tray.

No glue is used, so there is no small residue when you sort.

Code de produitDescriptionPrix*
BAC_0.015Tamis avec grille 15Mils:381Micron (frass)80.50 $
BAC_0.016Tamis avec grille 16Mils:406Micron (frass)81.50 $
BAC_0.018Tamis avec grille 18.5Mils:470Micron (frass)80.50 $
BAC_0.073Tamis avec grille 73Mils:1.85MM (substrat et larves)79.50 $
BAC_0.088Tamis avec grille 88Mils:2.24MM (substrat et larves)82.50 $
BAC_PUPA_3MMTamis avec grille** pour trie des nymphes165.00 $

Other sizes available on request.

* Canadian dollar and taxes are not included

** Note that the grid for the nymphs has not yet been photographed and that the material in the grid is food grade, but of a different design.